[Sca-cooks] OT & OOP: Sweeney Todd movie

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Nov 29 12:04:12 PST 2007

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> But i'm wondering about the star choices. Don't get me wrong, i'd be
> willing to watch Johnny Depp do almost anything (i do have some
> limits :-). And Helena Bonham Carter (Tim Burton's SO) has a good
> look for Mrs. Lovett. But are they really the best choices to present
> Sondheim?
> Has anyone heard anything of substance about the film? In the end, i
> will undoubtedly go see it, but i'm feeling a bit skeptical about it
> as a "star vehicle".

Ah, Sweeney Todd, one of my favorite stage shows, with Johnny Depp, one of 
my favorite actors. Critical buzz so far is excellent. On the other hand, 
the advertisement I saw where Johnny tries to sing Sondheim was, well, less 
than impressive...he really doesn't have the voice for those rich rumbling 

I'll probably see it anyhow, then come home and pull out the old Len 
Cariou/Angela Landsbury vinyl.

toodles, margaret

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