[Sca-cooks] OOP - Soldier Cookies

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Thu Nov 29 19:52:58 PST 2007

What a great idea!  I'd like one!
Actually, as I began reading, I thought you were wanting volunteers to send 
cookies  -- something I have done in the past,
 but  presently don't know anyone in the military

> OK ... so some of you already have the story ... My son is serving in the 
> Air Force, stationed at Hill AFB and on TDY to Qatar.  My housemates 
> cousin's son is a forward unit Marine, also serving in Iraq.  There is a 
> lad at Walter Reed AMH who is having a bit of life right now and needed 
> some cheering up.  Each and every week these lads receive a box of 
> home-made cookies.  For my son, he takes his box to the hospital at the 
> base ans shares it with the service members there.  My housemate's 
> relative is squad leader and has a group of 11 other boys he is 
> responsible for. The lad at Walter Reed shares among his ward mates.  Each 
> box contains four dozen cookies vacu-sealed and packaged in a box padded 
> with wrapped candy.  In five weeks, all three lads will be back home in 
> their respective homes, and the Soldier Cookies project will be over.  I 
> have mixed emotions about that.
> Some of the challenges that have become apparent in this process:
> most cookie recipes are for 3 dozen cookies.  That is fine for a family of 
> four.  I mail out 9 dozen cookies a week, plus keep our home cookie jar 
> full and extras for the little warm cookie snatchers under my roof. 
> Simply doubling the recipe is OK for some, but others do not double well, 
> leave off with tripling, quadrupling or bigger.  I kept track of the 
> changes that I made to each recipe in order to make it biggerererer.
> some cookies just don't ship well.  Others require special packaging, and 
> all of them need to arrive at their destination two weeks later and still 
> taste fresh.
> SO I am considering putting together a book of cookie recipes that will 
> ship well and keep well.  What do you folks think?
> Jo (Georgia L.) Foster

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