[Sca-cooks] OOP OT Sweeney Todd was Precious stones to ward off evils

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Thu Nov 29 19:55:18 PST 2007

> Personally this discussion is a lot more
> interesting to me than Sweeney Todd, whoever he is.
> Stefan

"The Demon Barber of Fleet Street."  Presumably, he was a barber and serial 
killer who plied his trades in London around 1800, met the nubbing-ken at 
the Old Bailey and the nubbing-cheat at Tyburn in 1802.  Body disposal was 
carried out by his sweetheart (with a different name for every version of 
the tale) by turning them into meat pies--finest kind.

Since there are no records of persons, trials or executions, Todd is 
probably the figment of a penny dreadful author from around 1846.


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