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> Personally this discussion is a lot more
> interesting to me than Sweeney Todd, whoever he is.
> Stefan

<<<"The Demon Barber of Fleet Street."  Presumably, he was a barber and
killer who plied his trades in London around 1800, met the nubbing-ken at
the Old Bailey and the nubbing-cheat at Tyburn in 1802.  Body disposal was
carried out by his sweetheart (with a different name for every version of
the tale) by turning them into meat pies--finest kind.
Since there are no records of persons, trials or executions, Todd is
probably the figment of a penny dreadful author from around 1846.

Bear >>>

There is record of a Sweeney Todd, Sondheim just embellished a bit but
novelist of the 1800s embellished it first which turned him into an English
bogeyman. His shop was at 186 Fleet Street. Alledgedly arrested in 1801(?).
Allegedly his first murder was in 1785 when he was residing near St.
Dunstan's Church. The surname of his accomplice was Lovett but it is unsure
whether her first name was Sarah or Margery. She was a widow and a pie
maker. When she was arrested she pointed to Todd as her accomplice.
Lovett took poison while incarcerated in Newgate. Todd was on trial for one
murder as they could not identify the large number of bodies found in the
catacombs under his shop. The jury said he was guilty and he declared
himself innocent.
He was hung January 25, 1802 at Newgate.

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