[Sca-cooks] A dessert to go with lasagne???

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 29 23:45:10 PST 2007

>Hello, everyone.  I'm sitting here, recharging my
>Ipod, and catching up on all those "someday I want
>to ask..." questions. <g> So...for Christmas (day) a
>few of my friends and I are going to get
>together for a nice dinner, the main course for
>which will feature lasagne (I'm assuming some sort
>of beef/meat variant).  My task is to bring
>the dessert.  I'm not having a lot of luck thinking
>of possible desserts that would suit being served as
>part of an Italian dinner, AND be nice enough to
>have a bit of a "shine" for the holiday AND only
>serve a small number of people.  So, I thought I'd
>ask the list--what would you guys make in such a

This isn't period Italian, is it? In that case - if
your transport arrangements allow it - how about ices?
A lovely homemade citrus granita or berry sorbet, or
maybe a rich ice cream - poppyseed is always a popular
flavour, or vanilla, of course. Ice scales well, and
unless you have industrial-strength freezers, it is
mostly for small numbers of people. 

If you're just looking for something that matches
lasagna in flavour and feel rather than specifically
an Italian dish - in winter I love to serve what I
have come to know as Swedish waffles. A waffle (the
round European kind if you can get them), preferably
fresh, but always warm, lightly dusted with powdered
sugar, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
and a tablespoonful of hot berry sauce. Not terribly
Italian, but worth breaking the rules for. 

And don't the Italians also make mousse? 



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