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> some cookies just don't ship well.  Others require special packaging, and 
> all of them need to arrive at their destination two weeks later and still 
> taste fresh.
> SO
> I am considering putting together a book of cookie recipes that will ship 
> well and keep well.  What do you folks think?
> Jo (Georgia L.) Foster
> Never knock on Death's door. Ring the doorbell and run ... he hates that.
> ------------------------------

Well, since I have a whole group of friends preparing to leave for the 
Sandbox, I would definitely buy a copy.  I don't see this conflict ending anytime 
soon so I'm sure this 15 month rotation will be followed by another and another! 
 (I live in Dragonsspine of the Outlands.  We have an army post and 2 AFBs 
not to mention the Air Force Academy.  That's lots of soldiers to adopt.)

In all my years as an army wife, I never found a good way to ship cookies.  
The best I ever tried was the trick with the Pringles Can.  I didn't have the 
money to try a vaccuum sealer, though.  Funny, I thought baking cookies for 
soldiers would end when he retired.  Little did I know!

Karen Park
(aka Constanza MdeH)


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