[Sca-cooks] OT Shoes to cook in!

Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
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That's very funny.  Originally, Crocs didn't have the holes, they came
later.  The professional ones on the Crocs site (that don't mention Mario at
all) have vents in the sides for air flow, but nothing on the top.  
I need a new pair, mine went missing after Pennsic last year, and even after
going to the war again (and hoping they would show up) - no dice.  So I
guess I'll be getting some professional ones soon.  They sure are comfy to
work in. 

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A friend of mine (actually on this list...Hi, Orla!) turned me on to a great
thing.  I knew that Crocs shoes were great for supporting your feet when on
them for long periods, but, as a couple of folks said, with the holes, you
run a risk of spilling things or injuring your foot if you drop something
heavy/sharp/hot.  Now, courtesy of Mario Batali, Crocs has come out with a
Croc built specifically for cooks...different tread on the bottom, more
support and a closed top/toe.  They run around $39 a pair, and I am getting
mine from a place called Surf and Dirt, and am getting free shipping.  They
haven't come in yet, but they look wonderful!

Thought you'd like to know....I now return you to your regularly scheduled
period cooking commentary!

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