[Sca-cooks] Shoes to cook in

Adele de Maisieres ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Wed Oct 3 17:17:12 PDT 2007

Kathleen Madsen wrote:

>My podiatrist says that they're almost as bad as
>flip-flops as the foam will conform around a foot
>injury rather than properly supporting it.  Plus, if
>you're susceptible to tendonitis of the Achilles (as I
>am) it can over stretch the tendon causing the
>inflammation to flare up again.

Ah, this is exactly why I love my Crocs.  There is absolutely nothing 
inherently wrong with my feet, and my arches are fairly low.  What shoe 
manufacturers call "support", I often find puts uncomfortable pressure 
on my arches.  Crocs have a nice springy sole, but the footbed is fairly 
flat, letting the natural shape of my feet be.  They're the only shoes 
I've ever had that let me cook all day standing on a concrete floor 
without seriously sore feet at the end of it.

Adele de Maisieres

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