[Sca-cooks] Food/recipe ideas

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 4 09:23:56 PDT 2007

I snipped a bunch out of your missive but the thing about wanting soup and only having one big pot caught my eye and I was thinking what about preparing your concentrated soup stock (maybe one meat and one veggie?) and freezing it and using the frozen soup containers as your "ice" in your cooler?  Then you could take out portions of it and put in the pot and add your parsnips, meat, or whatever.  Depending on how much water you put in your stock would make the difference between soup, stew, or stewed parsnips, braised meats, etc.
Just a wild thought.
Olwen> > You could cook eggs or soups in the evening.> > Well... my only pot is a single-hammered one that holds about 2 gallons. Far> too large for one person. I'm thinking this is where the to-be-hidden butane> burner will step in and I'll do boil-in-a-bags. I don't really want to but I> can't take the pans outside of my very-small tent to do any clean-up thanks> to the 'no modern stuff in sight' rule and that crimps the cooking-on-site a> bit. Neither am I willing to live 5 days on grilled foods and raw or dried> veggies/fruit. I want soup! And porridge! Or something like.> > What I'm going to try to do right now is narrow down my options of healthy> foods and try to create a menu that will blend fork or griddle cooked foods> with raw foods, augmented by what I can quickly heat in a boil-a-bag. I know> that I want stewed parsnips, for instance, and am now trying to find a> reasonable recipe for them using techniques and spices/herbs that would have> been common in my culture. Luckily, as a middling-wealthy woman, I can> justify using a bit of pepper. I like that too much to give it up.> > long-windedly yours,> Hrothny
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