[Sca-cooks] Yay - Hooray!

Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 4 12:56:13 PDT 2007

OMG, maybe, just maybe, at long last, I may have an actual JOB with the
Georgia Restaurant Association.  I was hired by them LAST OCTOBER to teach
ServSafe in the state, but the scheduling has continually been pushed back
time and again because the legislature was re-doing the bill, now we're
waiting on facilities to book space, etc.  But, I just got contacted by the
President of the GRA asking if I'd like to do Georgia Food Code classes
around the state - oh yay hooray!  I know it may not sound like much, but
I'm broke, and I'm good at this stuff - they really need me! :-)

So, a little happy dance for me, I attend a trainer session next Thursday
(which I just happen to have free because the schools are on break next
week) and then the work starts in late October.  



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