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Glad you are home and on the road to recovery!


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Phlip asked:

<<< Why are you guys cooking in your shoes? Wouldn't it be more  
to use a pot or a pan?  >>>

I think we've discussed this previously. I go off for a short  
vacation and look where the discussion goes. See this file in the  

lea-cook-uten-msg (14K) 11/24/06    Leather cooking vessels and  


(Unfortunately, my vacation was/is not fun. My knee was hurting just  
before and during last weekend's SCA event and got worse. I thought  
it might have to do with my hay fever/allergy which also suddenly  
popped up on Thursday. At least I thought that was why I was running  
a slight fever at the event and tired. My knee and leg were also a  
bit red.  On Monday my knee and leg were bright red and it was sore  
to the touch and hot and I could barely move it. I went into the  
emergency room and they admitted me to the hospital. There was no  
sign of a blood clot, which is good I'm told. But I had a skin  
infection. After IV antibiotics all week they released me this  
morning. So, I'm still sore and there is still some redness and  
swelling and I'm limping but I'm at home. I just started my new  
contract engineering job two weeks before this.  I was afraid they  
would cut me loose, but it sounds now like they didn't ever consider  
that, but they did want to know how long I would be out so they could  
plan around it. I really like the work and the company and didn't  
want to lose it.

The hospital room actually had a wi-fi connection, and it was mostly  
trouble free. But trying to type sitting on a hospital bed with your  
legs our in front of you and the tabletop/laptop at near shoulder  
height really isn't that comfortable. Oh yes, and I was supposed to  
keep my leg elevated during this. :-) )
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