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Mon Oct 8 07:07:51 PDT 2007

Sorry Bear,
didnt see it till Monday morning - Im on digest.

let me address your assumptions.  Ranveig already did
a good job on commenting on the actual text.

1.. Rucken = saddle. In the case of a salmon, this
will likely be
the area behind the head and before the body tapers or
it will be the
of the fish (minus head and tail) containing the body
cavity.  As you
tell, I don't have a precise definition for
Salmenrucken, just a best

I suspect they didnt have diagrams, I would agree, the
meaty part of the salmon.

  2.. Muskatblu:eh. As written the word doesn't make
sense. I'm
it as Muskatblute or mace. The same word could
conceivably be
 translated as 
muscat flower or young muskat grape. I think mace is
more likely.

I would translate as mace.

  3.. Trucknen. I am reading this a trocken, meaning
to dry, parch,
 etc. I 
believe this is probably a colloquial usage.

trocken, to dry - I think in this usage you let the
spiced fish airdry as you do the other steps, though
yes, things without sauce are served trocken or dry.

  4.. Vorgemelte. I could find no literal translation
of this word. I
translating it as "blend" because I think it may be
related to the
"schmelzen," "to melt." Schmelzen seems to imply high
heat and
melting, so it is not a precise match. A Middle German
 would be 

Vor - previously
meldet - anounced, stated

so in this case it means use the spices previously

  5.. Ha:eutlein.  Literally "little skin."


  6.. Magstu.  At first, I thought this might be
"machts du," but after
consideration of the other machen in the sentence, I
think that the
 verb is 
actually "mo:gen," "to want, wish, or desire."

correct again, magst du - if you like or as you like.

In Service
Gwen Cat
(ps all those nice characters like szts come out at ?
in the digest version, so the long section cut and
pasted it is not legible as anything useful, but
thanks for the thought.)

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