[Sca-cooks] armored turnips, please stop this thread!

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Mon Oct 8 13:18:30 PDT 2007

I recieved 3 Friday but I thought they got caught in a email vortex and was
delayed a bit, but none that I read was correcting anyone, just exchange of
info among those who had and had not made the recipe.  So, yeah, huh???
Would like to thank people for the recipe and variations.

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Huh??? I think it has died on its own...haven't seen a post with a "turnip"
in the subject line for the better part of a week now.  Dunno why you're so
upset about it....
--Maire, going back to lurking
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  Thanks for the e-mails.

  But your responses are exactly why I do not post to the list much.

  As I said in the one e-mail, I have made this dish for 20 years.

  I have tried all the suggestions that you all have decided
  that I must not have. I did!  and this is what
  I found to work best and what I like!
  I no longer cook anymore for events.
  So I will not have the opportunity to make this ever again.

  If you are going to talk about "correcting me"
  on the original recipe, you should put it in your
  e-mail to prove it!  I worked with Duke Sir Caridoc
  who is now in CA and I believe that what I gave as
  a receipe was what he considered correct.

  Please stop e-mailing trying to "correct me".
  I have researched thousands of recipes in the 30 years
  I have been doing medieval cooking, I do have a clue as to what I am

  Good luck to all of you in your quest to make teh "perfect"
  medieval dish.  I have done it and have moved on to writing books.

  thank you for letting me put in my 2 cents.
  But please drop the thread!

  Jules/Mistress Catalina

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