[Sca-cooks] Paul Potts and kitchen table talk

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 16:49:06 PDT 2007

    That video has me totally mesmerized not only for Paul Potts but 
also for the the fact that Piers Morgan was the judge on the left. He 
was the lover of Emily, one of my very best artist friends, who after 
living with him for about10 years came to our home in Spain when she 
broke up with him as she was like a daughter for us. She showed me 
photos of him and related what a wonderful man he is. She never told me 
about all his success in England as a journalist. She indicated she 
could not live up to his high standards. I should have caught that line, 
instead of wondering why she talked so highly of him and left him.
    When she found a good living situation in an apartment with others 
and we thought her content, we returned to Chile but communicated every 
day until she wrapped a cord around her neck and hanged herself on hock 
on the high wall of her bedroom in that ancient apartment, once part of 
a palace, overlooking the Royal Palace where she was living.
    Thank you for sending the website because you have made us so happy 
to know that Piers has contributed to Potts' success as he and we wanted 
for our Emily as a painter.

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