[Sca-cooks] Ice Cream, or, Making a pig of myself ;-) OOP

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 10 07:44:12 PDT 2007

Saint Phlip wrote:
> I think I'm going to finally try
> to make the curry ice cream I've been thinking about, ever since I saw
> one of the guys make it on Iron Chef.
> Same recipe as above, except instead of coffee I intend to use a good
> dollop of Red Thai Curry Paste. I intend to mix it up with some butter
> at a low heat (this type of curry paste requires fat to dissolve),
> then mix that with some heavy cream, and use all that to make the
> custard, as described above.
Red Curry Paste generally includes ingredients I don't find harmonious 
in ice cream, such as red chili peppers, shrimp paste and shallots.  I 
might go with a good garam masala instead.    As usual, your mileage may 
> Second question- I'm thinking that a sauce on this might go very well,
> possibly a caramel sauce. Anybody have any recipes, or other
> suggestions? "Forget the whole idea" is NOT an acceptable option ;-)
What's better with curry than coconut?  A reduction of coconut milk with 
sugar, do they sell condensed coconut milk?  Oh and candied ginger chunks.


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