[Sca-cooks] OT: I need computer advice, please

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Wed Oct 10 13:36:11 PDT 2007

Please forgive my using this cooks list to ask a computer question of  
all things..... but so many of you are knowledgeable and I am not,  
and I don't want to ruin my new computer doing something stupid.....

My computer lives in a small upstairs room, a rectangle about 9 feet  
by 5 feet. Two windows take up one wall. At present my computer is  
on  the small wall adjacent to the windows. I have curtains on the  
windows. My question is,,,,,, can I move the computer to in-front of  
the windows? As in me facing my computer being able to look out the  
windows.  Would the sun coming in ruin the computer? Would hot  
weather/ sunlight ruin the computer? Are curtains enough to protect  
the computer  (they are double layer)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My furs are not in storage, nor lying 'cross my bed. Instead they're  
hanging on their cage door, waiting to be fed!

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