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Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 18:17:56 PDT 2007


I worked on a redaction last night and it came out nicely, but I want
to get some opinions from the people here. See if y'all come up with
some of the same things or alternative ideas.

The redaction was of Ravioli for Non-Lenten times and as always there
are some choices to be made.

It calls for two cheeses one "aged" and one "fatty". Aged is pretty
much a no-brainer and I used Parmesan. For this 15th century Italian
dish, what do y'all think would be a good "fatty" cheese that would be
easily obtainable and not break a feast budget.

It calls for "good chopped herbs", I used Parsley, Marjoram and Thyme
- any thoughts, critiques etc...?

The only spices listed by name are "pepper, cloves and ginger". I used
fresh ginger, but now that I am thinking on it more, the inclusion of
ginger with two other powered spices might imply that I should have
used powdered ginger. Then again, I am fairly confident that you can
grow ginger in most areas of Italy and the fresh would be widely
available. Anyone have any good arguments for one or the other forms?

Lastly, it says that it would be better with ground capon breast. Has
anyone eaten capon and if so what is the flavor difference between it
and your standard chicken. I used purchased ground chicken for this
redaction which was probably a mixture of dark and white meats
thinking that our modern chicken breast is probably pretty tastless
compared to capon mean and that the extra flavor from the dark meat
would do good.

I look forward to any and all thoughts, discussion/arguments that
people might have.

Glad Tidings,

Serena da Riva

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