[Sca-cooks] Game sources (bunny, venison) question

Kerri Martinsen kerrimart at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 12 11:58:02 PDT 2007

around where I'm at the best 2 places to get bunny are the Base Commessary
($3/lb bone in whole) and the Big Asian Market (Han-Aran) (sp).  Slightly
cheeper than the commessary I think.  Rabbits run around 1.5-2 lbs per

But that is in Baltimore, MD


On 10/12/07, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I'm doing our Central Regional 12th Night feast and playing with some
> ideas. Most of the feast will be pretty inexpensive so I may try to spring
> for a couple of interesting luxury items. One of the things I'm looking at
> is from Curye on Inglysch, "Hares in Papdeyle" which is a rabbit ragout
> between sheets of pastry.
> This shouldn't take too much rabbit meat for 200 diners, I'm looking at 15
> or so carcasses but that will cost me around $200 from the sources I've
> found. Anyone have suggestions of distributors? I'm also looking for
> inexpensive opportunities for wild game, venison or boar.
> Right now nothing is in concrete, I'm just playing with ideas. I may
> combine rabbit and chicken to stretch the meat budget further.
> Gunthar
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