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I love "America's Test Kitchen" and since I get 3 PBS stations I sometimes get 3 episodes on the same day! I've tried some of their recipes and they work great and often contain helpful shortcuts. 


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i am writing this to request help from members of the
e-mail list. first i need to bring the list update.

on aug 6th, i was involved in a head-on automobile
accident. i was in the hospital for 6 weeks. 2 weeks
were spent in intensive care unit and 4 weeks on the
rehabilation floor. (the accident was not my fault)

I was released from the hospital on, 21 sept 2007. i am
still learning how to walk again. i currently am able to
walk short distances using a walker. i am using a wheelchair
most of the time. i have spent the past three weeks adjusting
the home to meet the current needs given that both legs
are broken.

my injuries are healing slowly. the injuries are:
left broken hip
left broken femur 5 inches above left knee
right tibia and fibia compound fracture
right knee cap shattered
right side 4 broken ribs
right side collapsed lung
various abrasions all over.

all the broken bones in the legs and right ankle have been
pinned with titanium pins and screws. my legs are now worth
tens of thousands of usd. ;-)

recovery and rehabilation are going to take a long time.
just a lot of broken bones in the legs.

i want to thank all those who are praying for my family
and i. having literally knocked on death's door changes
one's life.

it is good to be back home and to be able to read the cooks
e-mail list.

now for my request.

it is taking me 2 to 4 times as long to prepare a recipe; whether
it is baking or cooking a meal. i become worn out just baking two
loaves of banana-pumpkin bread or preparing two acorn squash as
a side dish for supper. i am becoming frustrated with baking and
cooking. it is no longer enjoyable as before the head on collision.

would members of the list have any tips, shortcuts, advice, etc
for making cooking and baking enjoyable once again?

while in the hospital i started watching the program on pbs,
'america's test kitchen'. i ordered the cookbook and the 4 dvds
of season 7. i have been reading cookbooks while resting the legs
in bed during the day. i have also been watching the dvds.

would members of the list have any opinions of the program they
would be willing to share?

giving all the broken bones and other related injuries the doctors
are concerned about blood clots so they have me on rat poison,
warfarin. i am amazed at all the foods which must be monitored
when taking warfarin. basically, green vegetables, many spices,
and several oils need to be closely monitored or removed from
one's diet.

how do members of the list prepare event meals and accommodate
the needs of people taking medications? i realize this is a
sensitive question because some people do not disclose that they
are even taking any medications for privacy reasons.

terry l. ridder ><>
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