[Sca-cooks] Book Question

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Mon Oct 15 20:23:39 PDT 2007

The problem is that the book is very old and was published prior to food 
taking off as a field. It covers the entire world in a not very 
comprehensive fashion.
There are numerous other studies out now that are much better-- we also have
numerous companions and guides to food that do a better job.


Diane & Micheal Reid wrote:
> Recently my lady picked up a book called
>  Food in History by Reay Tannahill,
>  Published 1973
>  Isbn 0-8128-1437-1
>  Stien and Day Publishers
> 7 east street, NewYork, N.Y. 10017
>  Question having read a bit I wondered if it was meant as a generalist view 
> or is it a book that can be used for references.
>  Cealian

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