[Sca-cooks] Ideas for 1300 Italy

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 18 15:07:24 PDT 2007

Well, it's late 1300s, but it's Italian:

I host a cookbook on my website translated by my friend, Vittoria 
Aureli. It's a Tuscan cookbook, variously known as Anonimo Tuscano, 
and Libro della Cocina.

The original is not on my website, but there's a link to the original 
Italian on Thomas Gloning's website, so if you down load both you can 
compare them. His website has moved a few times in the past year, so 
if the link doesn't take you to his site, do a search for his name to 
find his current URL.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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