[Sca-cooks] My problem cooking lentils

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Sat Oct 20 10:57:24 PDT 2007

Once again I made a pot of lentils and rice with Indian spicing, and  
once again the lentils didn't cook all the way til soft.  I put just  
the lentils and water in a big pot and let them "cook" over low heat  
for about an hour and a half (!). Then I added the spice, turned up  
the heat to medium high and cooked for another half hour. Then I  
added more water and rice. Brought the whole thing to a boil then  
turned it down to medium and let it keep cooking for another hour....  
What is my problem? Other than I should give up cooking entirely!   
You might be able to tell that I am quite annoyed!
Thanks for any advice.
"My furs are not in storage, or draped across the bed,
they're hanging from the cage door, waiting to be fed."

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