[Sca-cooks] skerrits?

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At medievalcookery.com a search under "skirret" has 6 recipes.
Nothing under "skerrit" OED doesn't list that spelling.

OED lists skirret --* A perennial umbelliferous plant, /Sium sisarum/, a
species of water parsnip, formerly much cultivated in Europe for its
esculent tubers; the root of this plant. In one or two 15th cent.
glossaries /skyrwyt/ renders L. /eruca/, prob. in error.

  1573* Tusser /Husb./ (1878) 94 Herbes and rootes for sallets and 
sauce... Skirrets.

  1608* Machin /Dumbe Knight/ i, Roasted potatoes, or boil'd
      skerrets, are your only lofty dishes.

  1699* Evelyn /Acetaria/ 64 Skirrets..exceedingly nourishing,
      wholsome and delicate.

skirret of Peru*, the potato. Obs.

  1597* Gerarde /Herbal/ ii. cccxxxiv. 780 This plant which is
      called of some /Sisarum Peruuianum/, or Skyrrits of Peru, is
      generally of vs called Potatus or Potatoes.


Kathleen A Roberts wrote:
> okay, before i go off half cocked (or half cooked) on my 
> English paper...
> skerrits are carrots... or carrot-like, correct?  the only 
> google is for gunthar's skerrit and parnsip pie 
> recipe/feast. 8)  forget the dictionary and encyclopedia!
> cailte
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