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Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Wed Oct 24 23:07:21 PDT 2007

Well, it's obvious they're getting into your house somewhere. First,
you'll need to look around the area you keep finding them- is there
some way they can get in? Are they, maybe, following a water pipe or
an electric cable through the wall? Check where whatever you think
they might be following starts from- basement, etc.

My suggestion to get rid of them is to use an insecticide such as
boric acid. That's the least toxic (to humans and pets) of the
insecticides available. If after looking, you think they might be
following a pipe or cable, dust it around that pipe or cable,
preferably under a counter or in a cupboard where it isn't out in the
open. If it looks like they might be sneaking through a window, open
the window, dust it on the sill where the window closes, and close the
window again. You can also dust around your foundation, but if a nest
has moved into the house, that won't do a lot of good.

For the number you're dealing with, you should be able to take care of
them yourself, but if after looking around and trying to get them with
boric acid it still doesn't get rid of them, get up off the bucks,
hire a professional, and have them give you a complete inspection
while you're at it. Never hurts, and as expensive as they are for
something minor, might as well have them do a full job.

On 10/25/07, Heleen Greenwald <heleen at ptd.net> wrote:
> I need an opinion please..... I have had ants in my kitchen and
> bathroom (right above the kitchen) off and on since July. Every time
> I think I have the problem taken care of, I find a few more. These
> are the tiniest ants I have ever seen. They certainly don't look like
> roaches. I keep all my food in Tupperware containers.  If I wash the
> kitchen down with ammonia water tomorrow do you think that will take
> care of these tiny ants... or should I use bleach water?  Or should I
> call the exterminator?  Has anybody else dealt with tiny ants that
> won't go away.  btw, I never have many ants at one time, never more
> than 5, usually 1 or 2.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Phillipa

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