[Sca-cooks] ants

Craig Jones drakey at internode.on.net
Thu Oct 25 00:16:41 PDT 2007

> I need an opinion please..... I have had ants in my
> kitchen and   bathroom (right above the kitchen) off and
> on since July. Every time   I think I have the problem
> taken care of, I find a few more. These   are the tiniest
> ants I have ever seen. They certainly don't look like  
> roaches. I keep all my food in Tupperware containers.  If
> I wash the   kitchen down with ammonia water tomorrow do
> you think that will take   care of these tiny ants... or
> should I use bleach water?  Or should I   call the
> exterminator?  Has anybody else dealt with tiny ants that 
> won't go away.  btw, I never have many ants at one time,
> never more   than 5, usually 1 or 2.
> Thanks for any suggestions.

Sprinkle talcum powder around the entry holes... It clogs up
the little blighter's pores...

Drakey - still alive - no accidents lately unless you count
blue hands from staining leather last night :)

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