[Sca-cooks] Plan of action......Re: [ ants

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Thu Oct 25 06:59:09 PDT 2007


Not stupid at all!! OK...question... what do weevils look like? How  
big are they?  These are the tiniest ants I have ever seen. It's like  
they are babies or something but some of them should have grown up  
since July. Also, if they are weevils, I can understand them being in  
the kitchen, but what are they doing in the bathroom?  (No food up  

OK..so here's my plan of action...what do you think?
Today I am going to throw out ALL of my flours, grains etc.... wash  
down with amonia water. Pretend I am Ruby from Upstairs Downstairs  
and scrub the kitchen within an inch of its life...or my  
life....depending how tired I end up.

Luckily, I am at the end of all my grains so I won't be losing much.   
I have to clean out the kitchen in any case as we are getting ready  
to paint so the kitchen will be getting scrubbed sooner, rather than  

Wish me luck! If this doesn't work, I am moving!

> Phillipa, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask a potentially
> stupid question, but that's why I make the big, big money. Your last
> statement above suggests it's possible you're not up on the whole
> household-bug-natural history thing, which is, I suspect, a good
> thing, especially given the ramifications I gather they can have for
> Jewish people. But are you absolutely sure they're ants, and not, say,
> weevils in something like your flour or rice? It might make a
> difference in how you deal with them.

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