[Sca-cooks] Jules/Catalina's Book, good bye

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 25 07:34:07 PDT 2007

That's great!

OK, that sounds strange, but having a real diagnosis means that you have 
something to tell people who call you names when you behave 
differently.  And if anybody else gives you trouble, those of us who 
understand the issue can clobber them with the truth. 

Autism is not a barrier to life in the SCA.  I have a young friend with 
Aspergers whose special qualities we have learned to appreciate.  He is 
just the best water-bearer ever and if anybody goes thirsty at a feast, 
it's their own damn fault because Samuel was on the job!

I hope you will reconsider and stay with the SCA.  In any case, keep in 
touch so we can all buy your books when they come out.

Susan Fox / Dame Selene Colfox, Caid
selene at earthlink.net

Jules A Hojnowski wrote:
> With a great and very heavy heart,
> I had to write one last e-mail,
> I recently found out I have a form of Autism.
> This means that any social aspects are extremely
> difficult for me.  I try my best to help and send
> when to me seems like a 'good' e-mail reply
> and then find out that people are offended
> because the part of my brain that would have made me
> 'normal' does not work.  And because it does not work
> like everyone else's the replies I receive hurt my feeling a great deal,
> giving me the impression that people are trying to beat me over the head
> with telling me I am dumb and stupid and a waste of time, causing me
> to feel very depressed.  I don't have the 'common sense' or 'common
> courtesy that I was told that I need to have. sigh...   I do the best I can,
> but it seems that it is not good enough.
> So I have decided to make my life much easier and much less frustrated
> and much less depressed, I'll not reply to anymore SCA e-mails.
> Good luck to all of you,
> I won't be reading or responding to SCA e-mails as it will only
> make me more depressed.  I have sold all my Thrown weapons
> and am slowly getting rid of my SCA cooking stuff. sigh..
> It's the only way I know to not get e-mails that make me feel terrible.
> Jules/Mistress Catalina
> ps when I do publish the old cookbooks, they will have redactions with them

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