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Which  are they more attracted to, fat or sugar?  The fat-eating ants
respond  well to a strong brew of chili peppers.  Sometimes when I'm
feeling  mean I'll throw in mustard powder too.  Watch them go ouchie
ouch,  with little anty hotfoots!  They'll clear out fast and it won't
poison  kids nor pets.
Many moons ago when rocks were soft, our family was stationed in Austin  
Texas at Bergstrom AFB.  The entire base was well, infested.  Mice,  ants, 
roaches.  LadyBird Johnson absolutely forbid the use of chemicals to  rid the base of 
pests.  So, the family services and what would now be the  bio environmental 
engineers got together and concocted this white powdery  substance that was 
"safe" for children and pets but not the pests.  I  didn't entirely understand 
why pets were safe but the mice were not.  The  instructions were to set out 
saucers of this stuff behind the fridge, oven, on  the counters, by the doors.  
Dump it down the drains each morning and put  fresh out.    In two weeks we 
were pest free.  No  kidding.  After a year they finally fessed up to the 
ingredients.   Baking Soda and sugar.  2 to 1 ratio.  Evidently the bugs can't burp  
or fart.  So when they walked thru it and cleaned it from their  bodies, 
well, they exploded.  Mice just didn't like the taste or smell,  they said.  It 
made entertaining show and tell for the 5th graders coming  back from summer 

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