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Got the manner with the tablecloth correct but I had heard it years ago and
it was area specific. I just don't remember which area. I tried to contact
them about a few things but got a deadend.


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Gotta look at the author's prejudices. While we moderns call a tea any
dried herb steeped in water, in the MA such a beasty was often called
a tissane. The dried plant we know as tes, green, gunpowder, etc,
arrived in Europe more or less the same time as coffee.

By the same token, we know beans were baked in the MA, they just
weren't the same thing as what moderns think of as baked beans (the
Boston kind), so I got that answer right by reading the quiz maker's

I was interested in the bit about wiping one's hands on the
tablecloths. Hadn't heard that before. Suppose I need to read up on
the manners manuals ;-)

And, I got the comparison of a Medieval feast to a buffet wrong,
because the important difference to me was the standing up and going
through a line, as opposed to the sitting down and being served.

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