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I took a chance and went further into that "Coquinaria" web site http://www.coquinaria.nl/english/, and there is a very nice section of different cook books(both Dutch and English versions) concerning Middle Ages and a little later that they recommend (or don't recomment)...  one of these books led me to an on-line translation of a 16th century Dutch cookbook (well, 2/3 rds of it, the 3rd volumn doesn't appear to have been translated or at least posted to the site. Most interesting. They also have a few translated (into English) recipes from a couple of the books. So, even though someof us doubt the correct answers to their questionaire, they seem to have some really useful information there!!

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I missed something here. I look up 
http://www.coquinaria.nl/english/quiz.htm in google. Reply: not found. 
So I don't know what you are talking about when you refer to cleaning 
hands on tablecloth - totally unacceptable in the Middle Ages as per 
commentaries on medieval manner's books in English at least.
Tisane is barley water, gruel. It has nothing to do with tea. Give me 
break! OCast /tisane de ordio, ordiate, /OCat /hordi, hordiat, ordio, 
/Cat /ordiat /(fr /ordi, barley/)/,/ ML. /hordea-tus, //tisana/, 
/tisanam, ordiate, /Fr. /orgemonde,/ /tisane/ (14 C.), Eng. orgeat, 
tisane (infusion), ptisan, barley water or gruel. Originally it was made 
with barley. Anthimus (6th C) described orgeat as a drink for those ill 
with fever and ble ble ble..

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