[Sca-cooks] bugs in grain

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Sun Oct 28 00:29:39 PDT 2007

Hi Jana,
When you freeze grains... do you then have to keep the grain  
refridgerated? Does the grain get/stay damp? Can you then store the  
previously frozen grain in a Tupperware on the pantry shelf?
"My furs are not in storage, or draped across the bed,
they're hanging from the cage door, waiting to be fed."

On Oct 27, 2007, at 3:17 PM, Bj Jane Tremaine wrote:

>  It's not like the nasty flour bugs, that come in as eggs
>> with the flour.
> Years ago my aunt told me to freeze any grain product for 48 hours  
> after
> purchase, she said it killed the eggs in the product.  I do and  
> have never
> had a problem since.
> Jana
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