[Sca-cooks] Medieval questionnaire

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Sun Oct 28 06:39:20 PDT 2007

Sadly, as I know it, tea = tisanes and there were tisanes in ye olden times.
Somewhere I read something on mint tisanes or mint tea to me. :)
I also associate buffet with smorgasbord (modernly) though smogabord was not
originally a buffet.
The tablecloth wiping I read years ago and I think area specific. the more
common wipe that I heard was the sleeve but again this was specific areas
and not across the board.
I got the baked beans right because I though boston baked and did not think
about fava beans being baked.
At least the spice and rancid meat was right. That myth is an old one and
tough to lay to rest.

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I think I read about the tablecloth thing in "The Babee's Book," which is a
compilation of several manuscripts on table manners and such.

I thought there were period recipes for beans baked, so got that one wrong
as well. I think I'd heard somewhere that tea (as we know it) was "just"
post SCA period <shrug>.

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