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Have you tried the Culinard, here is Birmingham? 

Plus-do not ignore Electrical Engineering. Not all?of the jobs have been shipped off-shore. 

There are Electrical Engineers in the SCA. Would you like an introduction to one?


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recovery and rehabilitation is progressing. rehabilitation
is looking at vocational rehabilitation possibilites. further
education in mechanical or electrical engineering has been
ruled out since most of the jobs have been shipped offshore
to china, india, or taiwan. the next field where i scored
well on the vocational testing is culinary arts. so i have
been looking at culinary schools. tuition is not an issue
since it would be fully covered by vocational rehabilitation.
the problem i am having is locating a school which is
handicapped 'friendly'. i talked with the culinary institute
of america about their programs and facilities. their east
coast facilities are not handicap friendly. the kitchens
have narrow aisles and using a wheelchair would not be possible.
the california location does have kitchens which are partially
handicap friendly. using the ovens and ranges while using a
wheelchair is next to impossible unless i would have a
wheelchair which has the ability to stand me upright and
support me. ( standing wheelchair or ibot wheelchair )

so i have been googling for culinary schools in illinois,
the midwest, and north america. there are several excellent
culinary schools but they are located in the city of chicago.
commuting to chicago everyday is not an option and living in
chicago is definitely not an option.

would any list members know of a culinary program which has
student housing available and that is handicap friendly?

are there alternate options which i should be looking at?

would any list members have suggestions as to obtaining
culinary training in alternative teaching environments?

thank you in advance for your support and help.

terry l. ridder ><>
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