[Sca-cooks] bugs in grain

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Apparently, with clothes/wool m*ths, what really works well is a repeated thawing/heating cycle, so that you not only get the adults, but you get the eggs that hatch.  And there are things that one can do with strong scents and storage methods that will help discourage them (although those wouldn't work with foods).
I've never had wool m*ths, thank GOD (as a fiber enthusiast, I have a LOT of wool in my little house!), but I do have persistent problems with miller m*ths showing up in various grain products--rice, whole-grain cereals, oatmeal, cornmeal, tapioca, etc., as well as odd places like packaged nuts (!!).  It's really nasty and annoying....
--Maire, wondering what people did about the pesky buggers in the middle ages....
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  > Years ago my aunt told me to freeze any grain product for 48 hours after
  > purchase, she said it killed the eggs in the product.  I do and have never
  > had a problem since.

  Apparently, you can do the same to get rid of moths in clothing. 

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