[Sca-cooks] culinary school vocational rehabilitation

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sun Oct 28 13:36:52 PDT 2007

The University of Illinois campus is of course handicapped accessible 
and has
been for decades. You might consider a return to the UI and picking up 
in information science or cs or even library science or work in ME that 
can be performed
stateside. Certainly ME departments are growing by leaps and bounds-- 
it's a hot field
and not all of those jobs and students are leaving for jobs outside the US.
Looking ahead to trying to be employed in a professional kitchen, I 
would definitely
ask what the future employment opportunities would be. How many kitchens 
are fully
handicapped accessible? That ought to weigh on your decision.
You might want to consider food science too or industrial design with an 
eye to
working on design projects.


terry l. ridder wrote:
> i have a b.s. in electrical engineering from univerisity
> of illinois urbana-champaign,illinois and many hours of
> grad classes. 
> since becoming disabled in a work accident on 26 nov 1996
> and spending nearly 11 yrs looking for engineering work and
> now the additional injuries from the 6 aug 2007
> head-on-collision;

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