[Sca-cooks] Jam

Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 30 06:09:28 PDT 2007

But given what Wilson writes (above) a jam derived from a conserve with the
recipes occurring in the later part of the 1600s.  That didn't mean that
someone (as Christianna wrote) made up a recipe that turned out softer and
less solid than the conserves were expected to be.  (And I'm not saying
that the conserves were "solid", just more solid than current jams.)

Doc - You might want to see Wilson's "Book of Marmalade" mentioned above. 
She gives precursors that date to the 1st century AD and includes a 1587
recipe which uses the word "marmalade" in the title.  (It's from peaches.)

Flashback... Are we having a cuskynole-type discussion??

Alys Katharine

LOL - ok, I'm off to work this morning and don't have time to drag out the
OED, but now I have to wonder if making a looser conserve than expected
could have given rise to the cook then being considered to be"in a jam"?
Sweetened-cooked-fruit-gel-filled cuskynole, anyone?


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