[Sca-cooks] questions relating to food on airlines

terry l. ridder terrylr at blauedonau.com
Tue Oct 30 06:43:59 PDT 2007


sunday, while my daughter and i were watching the next ironchef
episode, alton brown kept referring to foods that would not be
served on airlines. alton brown, did not explain why one would
not want to serve them. would anyone on the list have pointers
to the whys?

the other interesting tidbit of information from the episode, is
that at cruising altitude food tastes different than on the ground.
that foods must be 'over' spiced to have the same taste at cruising
altitude as the same food would have on the ground. would anyone on
the list have pointers as to why the sense of taste changes while

terry l. ridder ><>

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