[Sca-cooks] [Fwd: Nutmeg in stale ale]

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Sat Aug 2 04:45:07 PDT 2008

On Aug 2, 2008, at 5:45 AM, Laura C. Minnick wrote:

> So, what do you all think? Why is the nutmeg in 'stale ale'?

"Stale", as in "stale ale", and in fact as in, "English ale, good and  
stale," is regarded by brewers and drinkers as a good thing, in case  
that matters. It means it's fully fermented, and is not only at full  
potency, but also doth not engendyr wynde, etc.

So while I have no idea as to why the nutmeg's there, it's probably  
not a matter of throwing good money after bad.


"Most men worry about their own bellies, and other people's souls,  
when we all ought to worry about our own souls, and other people's  
			-- Rabbi Israel Salanter

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