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More questions!  -'Lainie

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Which raises the further question: is the moist ale which the Host and 
Pardoner seem to want or expect on the pilgrimage a cheaper or inferior 
brew likely to be more readily available or perhaps easier on the palate 
and stomach in the quantities ale drinkers seem to prefer?
Is there evidence that anyone in the Middle Ages expected the nutmeg to 
have hallucinogenic properties?  There is at least one Google site that 
suggests that if you can bear to eat enough of it you may start to see 
little pink men from Mars, or  the like.  I don't advise the testing 
thereof -- a poor druggie self-centered enough to describe his 
experiment on the internet found it tasted so horrible that he was 
obliged to mask it with so many other substances that it's hard to know 
what caused his mild disorientation during his excruciatingly boring day 
diarized in detail while his mother had left him alone.

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