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> S CLEMENGER wrote:
>> Can you quote the original (pertinent) passage from Chaucer, for
>> context's  sake?
>> --Maire
>  From CT, Sir Thopas' Tale. I'm on my way out to an event- I'll try to
> find it when I get home if someone else hasn't found it first.
> 'Lainie

Ther spryngen herbes grete and smale
The lycorys and Cetewale
And many a clowe gylofre
And Notemuge to putte in Ale
Wheither it be moyste or stale
Or for to leye in cofre

There sprange herbes great and small,
The liquorice and the setewall,* *valerian
And many a clove-gilofre, <12>
And nutemeg to put in ale,
Whether it be moist* or stale, *new
Or for to lay in coffer.

toodles, margaret

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