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otsisto replied to me with:

 > Would these adapt better to a pair of crystal melons? :)

Not for the games I had in mind, such this one in that file:

A game in which a small article, typically a spoon, was passed from  
person to person in a line or circle. When handed the spoon, the  
player, either male or female, had to insert it at their neckline and  
pass in down inside their clothing to the floor before picking it up  
and handing it to the next player in line.  In some bawdy houses, the  
game was played by alternating men and women in the line, and instead  
of passing the spoon through your own clothing you passed it through  
the clothing of the person next in line."

Although here is a game that might work better with a pair of crystal  
melons rather than a crystal egg:

A game in which two or more teams, often consisting of members of  
different watches of a crew, or even members of different ships crews  
and their female companions attempted to pass a fruit from one end of  
a line to the other. Exactly what type of fruit is unclear, as it is  
referred to both as an apple and a melon.  The players hands were  
fastened behind their backs and the players had to pass the fruit  
down a line without dropping it or using their arms or hands. The  
line consisted of alternating men and women, and much improper bodily  
contact could result. If the fruit was dropped, it had to be returned  
to the start of the line and passed down the entire line again. The  
first team to successfully pass the fruit was the winner of whatever  
bet was placed upon the game. In at least one instance, where there  
were more men than women, such that the women had to scurry from  
place to place in the line, the women themselves were the prize won  
by the winning team's men.  While, obviously, such bets would be  
totally improper amongst the Ladies and gentlemen of the SCA, the  
game itself has been played within the SCA where it can serve as a  
nice 'ice-breaker' to allow people to get to know one another."


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Or, I think some of these games could be adapted to use a crystal
egg... especially one that saves images.

Brothel-Games-art (34K)  9/14/07    "Brothel Games" by Master Brusten de
                                         Bearsul, OL, OP.

(Both of these are in the ENTERTAINMENT section of the Florilegium)

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