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Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie did a bacon and egg ice cream. It was an extremely eggy vanilla ice cream blend with bits of bacon that had been oven-roasted with brown sugar.


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I've regaled you with reviews of dark chocolate bars with bacon in them. I've even got a recipe for bacon brittle saved in my recipe folder. And here are more...?
Sweet Bacon Shortbread Cookies?
Bacon-apple reduction Caramels!?
Bacon-Gingerbread House!?
(may not be work safe : some gingerbread cookies engaged in certain acts)?
Bacon-Chocolate-Maple-Nut Fudge!?
And if you don't want dessert, here's breakfast?
recipe for BaconHenge!?
And, not to worry, there is beef bacon for those who don't eat pork, and vegetarian bacon for those who don't eat animals... so i figure you can substitute one of those into the recipes...?
-- someone sometimes called Urtatim?
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