[Sca-cooks] Posts appearing multiple times?

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Fri Aug 8 07:28:30 PDT 2008

On Aug 8, 2008, at 9:41 AM, Nick Sasso wrote:

> -----Original Message-----
> I've noticed this a couple of times in the past week; most recently in
> a post sent by me. Sorry for the duplicate, but I didn't hit the
> "send" button multiple times (A., why would I, and B., how could I?)
> Naturally, this has to happen during Pennsic week.
> Adamantius   > > > > > >
> The last double post I saw from you had an address in the TO as well  
> as the
> CC blocks.  Perhaps you are inadvertantly using the REPLY-ALL  
> button?  I
> sometimes get doubles from you in response to one of my posts . . .  
> one to
> the list and one to personal account.  Could explain some of it.
> niccolo difrancesco

No, I'm normally pretty careful about the "reply all" button, but I  
note that your outgoing post, received once by me via the list,  
includes both your personal account address and sca-cooks in the  
"reply-to" area. When I hit "reply', as opposed to "reply all", both  
addresses appear in the "to" field. I don't think this is something  
being generated from my end.

I'm removing your mindspring address from this reply, so you should  
only get it once. I'm not sure of this is the result of some setting  
in various people's subscriptions on Ansteorra.org, or what. Certainly  
it doesn't happen to everybody.


"Most men worry about their own bellies, and other people's souls,  
when we all ought to worry about our own souls, and other people's  
			-- Rabbi Israel Salanter

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