[Sca-cooks] Dredge?

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Fri Aug 8 12:36:36 PDT 2008

Dragon said:
<<I'd expect that the sugar syrup would be verging on the soft ball 
stage after cooking for two hours in a "temperate" oven. I'm going to 
guess that what is meant there is something in the range of 300F to 
325F. Does anyone have a better read on what temperature this might 
equate to? This just seems about right for everything to cook that 
long without burning.>>

My Mom's apple pie recipe, which this sounds very much like, used to come
out in a very thick syrup... not quite jelled when hot, but pretty stiff
when cooled.  I recognize that apples have considerably more pectin than
peaches, but she also says that if baking a peach pie, she'd do so on a
lower temperature, for a longer period of time to adjust. And when using
fresh apples, she bakes on a higher temp to begin with (like a custard pie)
and then finishes on a lower temp, but 400 degrees for 30-45 minutes seems
to be about standard... so, yeah... 300-325 for a slow cook sounds about
right to me. 

In service, 

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