[Sca-cooks] meat doesn't have to look like meat

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 8 22:24:33 PDT 2008

Back on June 6, Maire commented:
<<< Folks are okay with going for regional or ethnic
effects, but they still want meat to recognizably be meat, veggies,  
starches, starches, etc. Fall-back feast menus tend to include roasts  
sauces, rather than unusual pottages or dishes. >>>

I have a challenge for you and, more likely, your local group.

How about doing a local feast or perhaps just a few items at a pot  
luck as illusion foods? Perhaps this might get your folks looking  
beyond what they think food should look like. And it could be fun!

Warners-art       (32K)  6/29/98    An article on disguised food.
                                        by Alizaunde, Demoiselle de  
ill-fd-feast-art  (10K) 12/ 8/97    A feast consisting of illusion  
entertaing-fds-art(46K)  2/10/06    "Subtleties, Entremets and  
Illusion Foods"
                                        by Baroness Faerisa Gwynarden.

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