[Sca-cooks] weird question - honey fast???

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Sun Aug 10 20:42:42 PDT 2008

Margaret Rendell wrote:
> well, it depends partly on whether you consider insects animals. Can you eat insects during lent?
> Most modern vegans will not eat honey. 
> (For some of the reasoning behind this, see e.g.
> http://www.basingstoke-beekeepers.org.uk/vegansoc.html  )
> This is of course, a modern attitude, but the question that is being asked is: did (any past groups of) Europeans ever feel this way about honey - that although it isn't animal flesh, it is a product from animals, and as such should be restricted during Lent in the same way that milk and butter are.
> Margaret/Emma
Some of the Cathars refused to eat honey- generally the 'Perfecti', who 
were not allowed a lot of things. The rank-and-file generally held honey 
to be harmless.


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