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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Aug 10 21:40:54 PDT 2008

Back in June, we were discussing the possibility of traveling to SCA  
events by train and Urtatim mentioned:
<<< Anyway, taking the train to Pennsic sounds not bad, especially since
the airlines are raising prices and cutting back services. Huette's
mention of how much stuff one can take on a train is heartening.
Plus, on the way to Pennsic, one has time to hand finish garb or
weave trim :-) >>>

Anyone know how much "carry-on" you can bring on to the train? I  
assume you can't get to your regular baggage. On the airlines they  
have been limiting more and more how much you can carry on, and now  
they apparently are going to being charging extra for each piece of  
checked baggage.

On a short airplane trip of half-a-day or so, you can easily throw in  
a book or some such. I've started carrying my book in my hands  
because once I'm onboard it is often difficult to get to the book if  
it is in my carry-on luggage, much less my CD-player or any craft  

But on a one or two day train trip, I think I'd like to be able to  
get to a variety of books, craft projects etc. And things like daily  
medication which I can wait for until I get to Pennsic when flying  
but not for a day or two on the train. Also when traveling by car to  
Pennsic (27 hours from Ansteorra) I remember not getting a chance to  
change clothes since we drove straight through, but I think on the  
train I'd want to change my clothes.

So more details or suggestions on traveling to SCA events by train  
would be of interest. I am collecting such info for a Florilegium  
file, as well.

I do remember wishes/rumors years ago of folks in the West Kingdom  
who wanted to lease a boxcar/container and send their stuff to  
Pennsic that way, and be able to camp in style. I think they were  
planning on flying themselves over and not travel by train though.  
Interesting, but sounds like a real logistics headache.

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