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>From experience, what you found is correct.  However, unless they have changed their policies since Hroar moved to California, they also allow three extra pieces of baggage/boxes not weighing more than 50 lb each for the cost of $10 per piece.  So for the price of your train ticket, plus $30, you are allowed to check in 300 lbs of baggage and carry on another 100 lbs.  Nothing even closely comparable to what the airlines allow.

Last year, before Hroar had his quadruple by-pass surgery, we had planned on sending him to Pennsic by train with his garb as carry on and 300 lbs of pottery to sell at Pennsic.  Yes, he would have has to change trains in Chicago, and he would have had to retrieve his baggage from one train and then check it on to the next one, but AMTRAK has baggage carts and Red Caps, so that could have been handled okay.   


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> > Anyone know how much "carry-on" you can
> bring on to the train? I assume
> > you can't get to your regular baggage. On the
> airlines they have been
> > limiting more and more how much you can carry on, and
> now they apparently
> > are going to being charging extra for each piece of
> checked baggage.
> According to Amtrak 
> (<http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Amtrak/am2Copy/Title_Image_Copy_Page&c=am2Copy&cid=1080080553878&ssid=43>)
> Carry-on is two bags up to 50 lbs each.
> Baggage is three bags up to 50 lbs each.
> For carryon, they say:
> Two-Piece Limit: Each passenger may bring aboard no more
> than two pieces of 
> carry-on baggage. Not included in this limit are personal
> items such as 
> briefcases, purses, laptops, and infant paraphernalia such
> as strollers, 
> diaper bags and car seats.
> and that your carry on must be visibly tagged with your
> name and address.


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