[Sca-cooks] Offboard/Onboard/court bored? in Trimaris

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To the best of my knowledge, current practice in Trimaris has a site fee 
that includes camping; some sites have a separate charge for cabins(reserved 
in advance only) but others are first come first served for cabin space.
Feast has always been a separate charge, I only remember one time it was 
included,(a local event in a different part of the kingdom we used to live 
in)  and we ran into the planning for enough people parts, we had enough 
food for everyone that showed up, but the autocrat kept changing her mind as 
to how many people that was supposed to be, and drove Dan and I round the 
bend, and we haven't done more than help out at a feast since.
The charge for feast includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, sometimes 
breakfast on Sunday. In Oldenfeld we often have a traveler's fare for 
whoever shows up on Friday night, as people from outside this immediate area 
have usually driven 3+ hours to get here. Many other events do this too. 
That's Trimaris.
Isabella de la Gryffin
Oldenfeld, Trimaris
Tallahassee, FL

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> Currently, in Atlantia, not only is the feast usually priced separately, 
> but
> camping stuff is as well...so you'll have a day-trip price, a feast price,
> and a separate fee if you want to camp...and often an even more separate 
> fee
> if you want to stay in a cabin.  I can't recall ever seeing one that was
> all-inclusive.
> Kiri
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 10:05 AM, <jenne at fiedlerfamily.net> wrote:
>> It's been tried a couple of times in the East recently. I went to one 
>> that
>> was a complete disaster, because the autocrat and her head cooks simply
>> didn't plan for enough food.
>> Sometimes we just have an all-day dayboard, and depending on how much the
>> price of the event is, that works out either ok or lousy-- the 12th 
>> nights
>> with all-day dayboards really took a lot of flak because "I only have to
>> show up for a short part of court, why should I pay $20 for a day event?"
>> Jae says it's sometimes done in Finland...
>> -- Jadwiga
>> > Lady Celia wrote:
>> >>So I'm just curious if things are ever still done that way (and where
>> >> folks
>> >>are at when they're answering)... are there still places which just
>> >> simply
>> >>have a Fri-Sun (or even Fri-Mon on holiday weekends) event where the
>> >> feast
>> >>is just included in the event cost?
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