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A tangential answer to this issue-I never knew about so many different food 
allergies until I joined the SCA. Off the top of my head, just the people I 
know-dairy, strawberries, vodka, shellfish, mushrooms, wheat, pork, I'm sure 
there's more.

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> One of these days we are going to buy a home with a dining room to fit 
> lots of people as my spouse and my parents and ancestors had but in the 
> meantime we have coctails with all the food you can imagine on toothpicks 
> and chinese spoons. We know that some guests cannot eat wheat, others 
> shell fish but the worst is Ecuadorian schrimp. A chemical is injected to 
> prevent rotting from  there to here. It makes a friend vomit all night 
> long. We do take care but you would think that a slice of bread would be 
> left over from our feasts. Is it because we pay that everything is so 
> happy allergies are not a problem?
> Suey
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